We match those who need to dispose of surplus furniture and equipment with those who desperately need them

Our commitment is to assure that all surplus reaches its best and highest use, socially and environmentally, at a cost that – at worst – is no more than throwing it away.

We work with Colleges & Universities, K-12 Schools, Healthcare and Corporations

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Do you have surplus furniture, equipment, or supplies that need to go away?

IRN matches your surplus with a network of relief organizations that will use it for disaster relief and development in the U.S. or overseas. We arrange reuse of nearly 100% of the surplus we handle, and what we can’t reuse we recycle. Nothing will be landfilled. We do all this at a cost to you that is much less than disposal.

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From a warehouse in Florida to an elementary school in Jamaica: IRN, Contrax Furnishings, and Food for the Poor enrich the lives of Jamaican children

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Massachusetts School Furniture Reaches St. Georges School in Kingston, Jamaica

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital provides 2,000 items for reuse by charity, at a cost 50% less than disposal

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Do you need usable furniture, supplies, or equipment?

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