we find new use for your

excess furniture

We distribute your furniture to kids and families who need it. Desperately.

The Reuse Network: simple, cost-effective, sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible.

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"The Reuse Network provides a complete reuse solution, making a significant impact by redirecting surplus furnishings and equipment to those who can benefit from them."
Over 100 Million Pounds of Furniture Diverted from U.S. Landfills
1,825,000+ Million Pieces Sent to Needy Students and Families
Provided to 400+ Nonprofit Organizations, in 70 Countries, and 47 U.S. States

What we do

If you have excess furniture...

Our clients are organizations that want to keep used but usable furniture out of the landfill. We match their furnishings with nonprofits across the U.S. and around the world for disaster relief and economic development.

What's excess to you can change people's lives...

Your furnishings benefit students and families whose lives are burdened by natural disaster, war, and endemic poverty. For many, your furnishings are the first they’ve ever seen.


We've been making connections for more than 20 years

Connections between the organizations that have excess furnishings and the people and communities where they’re desperately needed. 


The Reuse Network has provided about 2 million items to nonprofits working in 46 U.S. states and 67 countries around the world.  That’s a line of tractor trailers almost 150 miles long.  And it’s more than 100,000,000 pounds of usable assets kept out of American landfills.

Our network of recipients includes more than 300 nonprofit organizations, ranging from major international relief organizations to individual Habitat for Humanity ReStores, regional furniture banks, and local charity thrift shops.

We’ve helped about 800 different organizations find reuse solutions for their excess furniture. These have included about 225 K-12 schools and school districts, 215 colleges and universities, 195 corporate clients, 50 government and 55 healthcare organizations, and 43 “other” (hotels, museums, nonprofit and religious organizations, even a few summer camps.

We made our first shipment of furniture in 2002: 131 items in a single trailer from Boston University. Nine trailers the next year, sixteen the year after that, and we’ve kept growing ever since. Through 2023 we’ve completed about 2,500 reuse projects, in 43 states from Maine to Hawaii.

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