Jamie Huffman Joins the Team!

We’re happy to let you know that Jamie Huffman has joined The Reuse Network team.  He’ll be heading our e-Marketing, and carrying much of the load for other marketing as well.  Jamie is finishing up his junior year at the University of New Hampshire, where he’s majoring in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing.  He’ll be with us full-time through the summer, part-time during the school year, and we hope he’ll want to stay with us after graduation.

Born in the 21st Century, Jamie knows how to take advantage of the apps and opportunities available through the internet and the web-connected devices we all now tote around.  If you’ve followed The Reuse Network at all, you’ll know that our use of these technologies can best be described as Neanderthal.  And the Neanderthals went extinct.  So Jamie’s got a challenge ahead of him.  He’s already shepherded a new website into being – a project we had bungled for years – and upgraded our social media presence – another longstanding bungle.  So perhaps, for us Reuse Network Neanderthals, there’s hope.

Jamie is a Concord, NH native, he has a professional working proficiency in German, and cares a lot about his health and fitness. His favorite physical activities are basketball, and weightlifting.  If you’re reading this, it’s because Jamie got it out of a Word doc and onto an app where you can do so.

Jamie can be reached at jhuffman@ir-network.com.  Please drop him a note to say “Welcome aboard.”

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