Staples Business Advantage Announces Furniture Recycling Initiatives to Celebrate Earth Week


In an effort to help businesses be more sustainable, Staples Business Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples, Inc., today announced it is teaming up with Davies Office and IRN to offer customers the ability to reuse and recycle office furniture.

Davies Office is a leading provider of high quality remanufactured office furniture solutions, taking older furniture assets and transforming them to look and perform just like brand new furniture, at a fraction of the cost. Staples Business Advantage customers will now be able to capitalize on innovative product banking and exchange programs and source high quality remanufactured furniture instead of keeping their old assets in storage or sending them to a landfill. The benefits include updating office workplaces cost effectively, earning credit toward green building standards like LEED, and receiving detailed reporting quantifying the environmental benefits.

Staples Business Advantage is also launching a new initiative with IRN to support businesses’ sustainability goals. IRN works with a variety of organizations including universities, public and independent schools, healthcare corporations and government agencies to place their surplus furniture assets for reuse. It then matches those assets with U.S. and worldwide charities to find the best use for them socially and environmentally, at a cost that is less than throwing the assets away.

“It’s critical that we rethink our approach to sustainability in workplaces,” said Mark Buckley, vice president, environmental affairs, Staples, Inc. “Supporting furniture remanufacturing and reuse helps our customers’ bottom line and the planet. Combined with our comprehensive recycling programs and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, Staples Business Advantage has the solutions our customers need to support greener and healthier buildings.”

In addition to these new initiatives, Staples offers many services to help businesses make more sustainable business practices happen.

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