From Lynn Middle School, Las Cruces NM, to World Vision in Somalia

September 22, 2015

Dear Friends at IRN –

We are so excited that we have the Director of World Vision Somalia and the Gifts in Kind Coordinator for Somalia visiting our offices this week.    They gave a 2 hour presentation this morning of how they are using GIK product in their country.  The picture above is of the wonderful chairs and desks that were provided by IRN.  The GIK Coordinator reported that for most of the children attending this school (the hut is their classroom) this was the first time that they ever sat at a desk.  Most of the children don’t even have furniture in their homes.  She told us that before the furniture arrived the children sat on rocks and pieces of wood in order to not be sitting in the dirt.  She also reported that now the children WANT to attend school.   They children from the school made  posters for the World Vision staff thanking them for their new furniture.    We want to thank you all at IRN for making this happen. 

We are looking forward to our new fiscal year and providing more furniture donations to the people we serve.   Thanks for all you do.


Susie Shepherd – World Vision Corporate Engagement Liaison

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