Westfield State University Furnishes Schools and Orphanages in Haiti

Distribution Feedback Report & Pictures

Origin:  Westfield State University, Westfield, MA  (PO 2534)

Destination:  Multiple Recipients, Port au Prince, Haiti

Containers:  MSKU 932867-6 MRKU 266302-7 MSKU 015492-7


COHAN–FEDDI is an organization that runs a school and an orphanage.  The school has a total of seven hundred students.

The person in charge of COHAN-FEDDI, Mrs Maud Laurent, is grateful that Westfield State University was able to come up with such great furniture that she could benefit from.  She finally can put computers on desks received as part of this shipment. Her computer class got an instant facelift. To repeat her words: “At last, the school is getting better furniture. I can concentrate on other matters now!”

Orphelinat ‘’Les Amis de Jésus’’ is located in Kenscoff. This locality is about 15 miles from Port-au-Prince, up in the mountains. The nights are usually wet and cold.

Orphelinat les Amis de Jésus cares for 20 children and Claudette Jean Francois is one of the caretakers. The following is her testimony when she saw the mattresses delivered to the orphanage. “Thank God for Food For The Poor and the charitable donors.  With their donation, the kids will no longer sleep directly on the cold floor.” She was in tears.

She could not believe how blessed she was to receive these mattresses. “No more body aches or sleepless nights from lying on the cold floor. Thank you so much. May God bless the great donors that made this miracle possible!”

From this donation, the orphanage also received a freezer and tables for its cafeteria.

Eglise Saint Louis Marie de Montfort is our neighbor church in Port au Prince. They are located right next to our premises. Father Nicolas came to us many times asking about getting furniture for their offices. We wanted to offer him the most beautiful furniture we could.

When this donation came about, Father Nicolas was able to furnish his bishoprics with adequate visitor chairs, tables and bed set. He was happy and grateful for the goods received. “I know that the work you are doing can sometime be very difficult, but I will pray to God to help alleviate the burden you might encounter during such a journey. We ask you to never put down your faith”.  Those were the thankful words of Father Nicolas towards the donors.

FOYER RENMEN is an orphanage run by Florence Thybulle. It has been serving the homeless and needy children for the past 21 years. At the moment, the orphanage cares for 45 children. There is also a school on the premises that was built two years after the orphanage.

Knowing the needs and the effort that Mrs. Thybulle was making, we were happy for her orphanage to receive some furniture.

Mrs. Thybull said she’s “really happy to receive that furniture, because with them I was able to arrange the kid’s clothing.”  She thanks all the group of FFP and especially Westfield State University that sent the furniture. They are really there for her orphanage.  She said that “if today the orphanage looks good it’s because of the favor of the donors of FFP.”

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